Ordering & international Delivery - Info from Milva flowers

a)            How can I place an order?

               Ordering at the Milva-flowers shopping center is easy. Just follow these seven simple steps: Select a language. Choose the country where your flowers are to be delivered. Choose your flower gift from the selection of bouquets and arrangements. Choose the price category and the delivery date. Enter the address of the order recipient and don't forget your message. Enter your personal information. You will receive an order confirmation by clicking "purchase". We will retransmit your order to the nearest independent Milva-flowers florist or Interflora or Teleflor or FTD, which is also your contract partner. We remain at your complete disposal for any additional questions you might have concerning your flower order or any other information you require. No orders will be accepted / processed via telephone.



b)            What kind of credit cards can I use to purchase my flower-gift?

               Milva-flowers currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and PayPal etc.



c)            How do I know if the web site received my order?

               We at Milva-flowers have your order registered as soon you have received the order confirmation with your personal order reference number (once on the screen and once per e-mail). Make sure to keep your number handy for any further questions you may have concerning your order delivery.



d)            What are the conditions for hotel deliveries?

               Kindly enter the following details:- Full name and address of the hotel- Telephone number of hotel (if available)- Room number (if available)- Name of the tour operator (if available)… and last but not least do state the full name of the recipient as registered in the hotel. The delivery is only granted to the reception desk of the hotel.



e)            What are the conditions for hospital deliveries?

               Kindly enter the following details: - Full name and address of the hospital- Telephone number of the hospital (if available) - Ward name and/or number- Maiden name of the recipient if order goes to the maternity ward. and last but not least do state the full name of the recipient. The delivery is only granted to the reception desk of the hospital. Kindly note that some hospitals do not permit to have flowers delivered to the intensive care. In this case you would be alerted by us and the florist stays in close contact with the hospital staff in order to delivery your flower gift as soon as the patient is allowed to receive your flowers.



f)            Where can I enter special instructions?

               Special Instructions can be added during the ordering process. If you have additional delivery information after the successful order registration, such as additional phone number or address details, kindly write us an email an email and we shall forward your information to our florist.You can not write a specific Delivery time here



g)            How can I add balloons or teddies to my flowers?

               Kindly write us an email at least 4 days prior the delivery-date in order to change the flower item according to your requests and we’ll inform the filling florist immediately. Depending on the timing of your change, same day delivery may not be possible or, if the order has already been processed by the florist your change may not be possible.



h)            How can I track an order?

               Please be informed that we are not able with our worldwide  florists to offer an automated order tracking service to our customers. We do not have a tracking system due to the various time zones & public business hours in individual countries. We cannot confirm the order deliveries on the same date of the delivery, although we grant the delivery on the requested delivery date, during the business hours of the flower shops if you should have any concerns about your order you may contact us through email. Further information can be obtained through the Member Club.



i)             Will the item ordered look exactly the same as given in the picture?

               Flowers are seasonal products, and some varieties will therefore not always be available at florists. A Milva-flowers bouquet may thus look slightly different to that shown in the online shop. However, every Milva-flowers bouquet is a work of art, freshly composed especially for you in one of our premium Milva-flowers shops, and you may rest assured that every effort will be made to match the color and shape of the bouquet shown in the online picture.



j)             When will the order be delivered, at what time?

               We do not have any deliver time guarantee, unless for funerals and weddings. Our filling florist will deliver during his regular business hours. The opening hours of the florist may vary slightly from shop to shop. If your flowers need to reach the recipient at a specific time please send us an email. The delivery time request morning/afternoon is not guaranteed, but our florists will do their utmost to meet your delivery time request.



k)            How do I know if my order got fine delivered?

               Milva-flowers  order to be delivered on the requested delivery date during the regular local opening hours of the florists. If by any reason the order cannot be filled you will be contacted by our customer service as soon as the florist reported his delivery problem. Thus, if you do not hear or read from us you may be assured your order got delivered in the fresh and personal way guaranteed by Milva-flowers. If you know that the order did not reach its delivery destination you may contact us.



l)             What happens if the recipient is not at home/the delivery address?

               Our florist member will attempt delivery and leave a calling card and try to reach the recipient later by phone. If the florist is unable to deliver the flowers and unable to reach the recipient within 4 days after the first attempt of delivery, the florist will inform us of the none-delivery and you’ll be informed either via phone or Email that no delivery could be made. In the absence of the addressee, the florist making the delivery is authorized to leave the flowers with a reliable third-party (e.g. a neighbor, receptionist, porter, funeral parlor, etc.) deemed suitable for passing on the flowers to the addressee.



m)          How can I change an order?

               If you need to change the delivery details kindly write us an email or call us during our business hours. Due to the various time zones & public business hours in individual countries, we are only able to grant changes of an order placed, if we get notification at least 24h prior the requested delivery date.



n)            When can I get personal assistance?

               Our office hours Holidays, Saturday afternoons and Sundays our offices are closed. Our customer service will assist you during the above mentioned hours and help you with all your questions and enquiries you may have.



o)           How can I cancel an order?

               If you need to cancel your order due to unforeseen circumstances you may contact us during our business hours – Make sure to have your order reference number at hand – or you may contact us. Due to the various time zones & public business hours in individual countries, we are only able to grant cancellation of an order placed, if we get notification at least 4 days prior the requested delivery date.



p)            What is the Milva-flowers guarantee of quality?

               Milva-flowers is the  best known flower ordering service in Greece, supported by over 58,000 carefully selected affiliated flower shops in over 127 countries. For many years, the brands Milva and Flowers together with the trademark  has been recognized for the finest quality in floral products and excellence in customer service.



q)            How long can I expect my Fresh Flowers to last? How can I best care for my flowers?

               To keep your flowers fresh and long lasting, change or add water daily. If possible, re - cut the end of flower stems under water. You may also add a floral preservative to maximize the freshness and life of your flowers. Keep your flowers in comfortable room temperature and keep them out of direct sunlight. 



r)            What is a service charge?

               The service charge is covering the costs for personal handling of your orders.



s)            The privacy and security guarantee?

               Privacy Statement for our web site: Milva - flowers has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for our web site. We use the IP addresses of our visitors to help diagnose problems with our web site, and to administer our website. Our site requires "cookies" to keep track of your current shopping cart. The cookie itself does not contain any personal data and is merely an identification code that permits our site to find your records again when you proceed to the next step of your purchase. Information about your cookie is deleted from our servers 24 hours after you leave our website. We do not forward any personal information of our customers to third parties. Our site uses an order form to order products and services. Contact information from the order form is used to deliver orders and order confirmations to our customers. The customer's contact information is also used to get in touch with the visitor when necessary. It is not used to send out separate mailings or information about our company. Our reminder service stores your name, e-mail address, first and last name to notify you about upcoming birthdays or other events. Contact information from the reminder service registration is also used to send mailings and information about our company to you if you choose to receive it. Users may opt-out of receiving future mailings in the reminder service registration and at a later time; see the choice/opt-out section below. We do not store our customer's credit card numbers on our servers. Credit cards are billed immediately at the end of an order process through an encrypted on-line connection with the credit card processing companies. Special care has been taken to prevent your browser from storing pages with credit card numbers in your browser's internal cache on your hard disk. Critical areas of this server (for instance when you have to enter your address and credit card number during the order process) are secured by an encrypted connection between your browser and our web site.



t)            What do I do if I forgot the member password?

               Go back to the front page and click on member login and enter your email address. Click on the mail me the password button and you will receive your personal member password via an email within a very short period.


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