How to care cut flowers?

Here is the key to success:

The key to care cut flowers is to remember that , even when cut , still alive . The flowers drink , breathe , eat just as they did before being cut . Some flowers , such as tulips continue to grow even after being placed in a jar . Eventually, the flowers will fade and die , as do all living beings , but we can prolong the life and beauty, with proper care .


The main determinant for how long a cut flower is in its ability to drink water freely.

Plants have vascular system closely resembles the human cardiovascular system , they are much simpler. Vascular cells of the flower function as a set of straws , drawing water onto the leaves and the flowers .

In order for the water to flow freely within the flower , these cells should remain open.

The type of water you use also makes a difference. The water is soft with less inorganic salts are less acidic and flow easier through the vascular cells.

The water should also be kept free of bacteria and fungi that feed at the point where we cut off the flower. The moment you place a bouquet of cut flowers in a vase with water , the bacteria begin to grow . Within 3 hours, there may be 30 million bacteria in the vase. These bacteria clog the tiny channels that draw water in flower.

To give the flowers you the best possible opportunity to benefit from the water, follow these steps:

1. Before placing cut flowers in water , create the stem of flowers a new cut. Cut the stems at a 90 degree angle with a sharp knife or scissors or shears . The cutting angle gives a larger area on the stem pulls wherefrom water. Remove 3-4 first damaged petals of the flower ( roses only if they have items removed from the florist ) .

2 . Dip into the jar with water soon. With each new cutting the stem of the flower revives and again vascular cells.

3 . Remove leaves that are in the water to prevent rot and ensure an environment with fewer bacteria in the water.

4. Change the water daily. Cut the stems a bit each time you change the water to open the vascular cells . Changing the water regularly also helps to control bacteria , without the use of chemical bactericides . This is the most effective thing you can do to prolong the life of flowers .

5. The heat will make the cut flowers wilt faster, so we can keep them away from direct sunlight or any heat source.


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